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Journey of A Gemstone

We were recently featured in a Town Carolina post about the artisan boom happening in Nashville alongside many other Nashville artisans, including Jamie + the Jones and Ceri Hoover! The article is definitely an awesome celebration of the high quality handmade work that is being done here, and we are so happy to be included in the bunch:

“Specializing in gemstones and the meaning behind them, Bright utilizes stones from all over the world to craft affordable heirloom-quality rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets on-site. All her stones are hand-cut in India to her specifications.”

We often get the question about where our stones come from. The expansive list of stones we work with really come from all over the globe. For example, labradorite famously comes from Labrador and Newfoundland. Malachite was originally mined in the Ural mountains in Russia, but most is currently supplied out of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Aquamarine is often found in Sri Lanka and parts of Indo-China.

We are very proud of the fact that the stones we use are organic, but they are also sized and cut by our stone cutter to our specifications. We have a close working relationship with the company that cuts and sizes our gemstones- Judith was even invited to the owner’s son’s wedding in 2016! After they are cut in India, they are sent directly to our studio in Nashville. Our jewelry artists decide which stones will be best for our Zen collection, and which one are better set in metal, based on shape.

Finally, after our artisans craft our designs using these gemstones from all over the world, they go out to our sales floor, our store in Atlanta, or directly to you! We love knowing where our stones come from, and figure our customers appreciate that too!

Judith attends our Stone Cutter’s son’s wedding in India in 2016. (Featured from left to right) Himan, Judith, Naresh Garg, and Tana pose for a picture at Himan’s wedding.

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