Notes From Trip To Kansas City
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Notes From Kansas City

We just got back from our show in Kansas City.  We were blown away by what an awesome city it is!  They’ve got such a growth pulse going on there it’s palpable.  Upon further investigation, we were told that a female mayor was responsible for many of the projects that have changed the city in to an incredibly liveable place (natch!)  From my perspective, the place was alive with creative types, particularly architects and designers.  There were excellent museums, parks and public spaces.  Apparently Kansas City has so many fountains that it is second only to Paris!  Here are my hostesses:

Hostess Julie Sally, Tory Fitzgibbon & JB

Hostess Julie Sally, Tory Fitzgibbon & JB

My hostesses were Julie Sally & Abby Wendell.  Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of Abby but Julie is to the right.  The gorgeous babe in the middle is Tory Fitgibbon, fabulous interior designer from Nashville, sis-in-law of Julie’s and great pal of mine.  She came up for the festivities and fun.  Here’s the gorgeous cheese tray from Dean & Deluca.  Yum-city!  georgeous-cheese-tray-dean-deluca2We had a great cocktail party and enjoyed some good Savignon Blanc & Pinot Noir.   Later that night we went to Howl at the Moon for some dueling pianos.  Heather and I were thrilled to be singing to “Piano Man” again, just like we did in San Antonio.  Our goal is to visit every Howl at the Moon location in the US.  howl-at-the-moon-natch1We haven’t checked into how many are in the US, we just know we want to see them!  That night it seemed like a good idea to order a drink in a bucket so we did.  It was the worst tasting thing in the world but I do believe we got a “framer” picture out of it!Chris Sally, Tory, JB & Heather

Chris Sally, Tory, JB & Heather

The next day we enjoyed a side trip to Bob Jones shoes.  For anyone traveling to KC, that is a must-stop shoe outlet.  I picked up some 1/2 price Donald Pliners and Heather got an awesome cream patent leather high heel pair with silver buckles.  We were quite pleased!  Last but not least was a visit to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art grounds to have a photo with what is surely the largest shuttlecock in the world!

Now That's A shuttlecock!

Now That’s A shuttlecock!

Kansas City, you rock!!!

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